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About Us

Neutek is a technically oriented company. We design and manufacture the most efficient products with the best cost leverage for various pneumatic cleaning applications in Taiwan. Our management team members are experienced professionals in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Finance and Business Administration. As ECO concept is the core of our design, all our professions are devoted to take care of the environment and provides the best service to help you grow business together.


R & D

With mechanical and chemical expertise, Neutek not only designs the best products for the enviroment and operation friendly principles, but also provides the most desirable outcome of Cost- Performance products.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

100% Customer Satisfaction is and will always be one of the main goals we strive to achieve. Wide visions of global marketing and sales strategies are set to grow with and support our customers for a long term profitable business partnership.


Production Management

MIT (Made in Taiwan) is the guarantee of trusted quality and reputation. With well-organized supply chain and production in the plant, we provide the best product to the customer with one year warranty and after sales service.


Finance Management

Advocating the principles of operational transparency to protect the rights and interest of shareholders, board members and employees, we strongly believe the basis for successful corporate governance is a sound and effective strategy to ensure sustainable management through a healthy financial system.

About Us Logo

Our Philosophy

Neutek believes that great companies are built on doing the right thing each and every day, and treating human resource of customers, employees, and suppliers honestly, fairly, and with respect. Meanwhile, we cherish Nature's resources and take care of the environment by providing the best product design and innovations.


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